Dispatch from Freiburg, SW Germany.

August 3, 2009

Climbing up the West Tower of the Minster Cathedral in the middle of Freiburg im Breisgau, one can look to the east and see the Longmei (the Dragon Vein) of the Schlosssberg Mountain feeding the Diqi (the Earth Qi) into this wonderful old town founded in 1120.



























Freiburg has the classic Feng Shui location of having a mountain at the back (located at the foothill of the Black Forest mountains) and facing the Rhein River to the front with a generous Mingtang in between.

In an old and well-preserved town like this, the church tower is still the urban marker, visible from all directions, and functioning like an Accupoint of the land to mark the Xue (the Feng Shui Spot) for the town.











The square outside the Minster is the heart of the old town and the open space on both sides (a double Mingtang) draws the visitors and the locals like a magnet with its potent mix of commerce and religion, there is a market everyday except Sunday and church services everyday. 

The Minster is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so it is consecrated to the “Yin Qi of Creation’, according to the Chinese, and when one looks at the West Portal with its Yang Tower soaring into the sky (116M high) and the Yin Gothic entry porch like a Yoni, one cannot but feel the creative power of Yin and Yang coming together to give life to this vibrant old town.














To me, the act of creation is further accentuated symbolically by the 3 vertical columns located in front of the West Portal, 3 being the Yang number that give rise to 10,000 things (from the ground up).

But death is always present in the midst of life and one can see in some of the sculptures inside the church, so do enjoy every living moment we have and this was how I felt as we drove towards the French border this morning on our way to Provence….



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