Feng Shui, what do you mean?

August 1, 2009

Not only there are many ways to define the term Feng Shui, there are also different meanings for Feng Shui depending on the context.

It can mean the practice of Feng Shui as in, “I am a Feng Shui consultant”, or it can mean the quality of a place as in “The Feng Shui of this restaurant is not too good”, or it can also mean finding a balance for a situation as in “I have adjusted the Feng Shui of this house”.

So when someone uses the phrase “Feng Shui of a city”, it can means the quality of the environment of a city; “Feng Shui for the body”, it can means finding a balance for the body and “Feng Shui for stock markets”, it can means looking at the stock market from a Feng Shui perspective. In each case, Feng Shui is used in a different way.

Just because Feng Shui can be used in different ways, it neither mean Feng Shui is a generic term with a broad meaning, nor it is just a marketing gimmick. 

In practice its precise meaning often depends on the situation and it is a judgement one should make with an understanding of the Chinese language and how the same two Chinese characters can mean different things depending on the context they are being used.



One Response to “Feng Shui, what do you mean?”

  1. Manali Says:

    Very good site about feng shui.

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