Our Approach to Feng Shui and Architecture

June 23, 2009

Being architects, my wife Gyda Anders and I, have a different approach to Feng Shui, and the other day I picked up a book written by a PhD candidate in the History Department of Beijing University, where he wrote about a new approach to the study of Feng Shui in Mainland China. I think what he described fits ours very closely as well, so I have roughly translated his words as a reference to our own thinking.

The author name is Wang Hao 王浩 and the book is called “Shen Suan – Zhongguo Shushude  Mimi” (神算 – 中國術數的秘密), which I have translated as “Divine Calculations – The Secrets of the Chinese Art of Numbers”.

“In recent years, a group of specialists and scholars from the architectural field has declared openly that their in-depth study and research have revealed that the core content of Feng Shui is in fact essentially the same as the principles used in ancient Chinese architecture and planning. They reckon by using Feng Shui one can resolve the thousand years old riddle relating to how the architectural space is managed in our environment and how the man-made and the natural landscape are integrated in large or small-scale projects in ancient time. From this point of view, Feng Shui can be seen as a multi-disciplined and unified architectural theory that incorporated the study of geography, ecology and philosophy etc. as well as landscape and architectural design. Although this approach cannot fully explain all the mysteries attributed to Feng Shui, nevertheless it is a surprising but valid approach worth pursuing.”

Wang Hao


2 Responses to “Our Approach to Feng Shui and Architecture”

  1. Tracey Kessler Says:

    Dear Howard
    I’m sure you don’t remember me but 5 years ago you helped design the house we subsequently built. It is a marvellous house but I could never get hold of you to thank you. You had left Australia to travel abroad.
    Two years ago I fell pregnant unexpectantly with our 4th child, and I am now seeking advice regarding sleeping arrangements for the baby. I understand you are not in Sydney anymore but I was hoping you could recommend someone here who follows similar feng shui principles to yours and who could assist us.
    All the best
    Tracey Kessler

  2. Sherab Says:

    it must be a great book.
    will find one and read it soon.
    thanks for the recommendation.


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