A “Poem” for me and my Daughter

May 31, 2009

Skyping with my Anna
Berlin, May 29, 2009.

Seeing her smile with
Bright eyes and a
Mouth like mine
Is enough to bring
Tears to my eyes.

“How are you doing?”
“How is your love life?”
“Work is going well”
“No man for a while”
“But I am fine, Dad”
“Really, I am fine.”
“And you, what’s new?”

“In my second 60 Jiazi cycle”
“I have learned something new”
“I did not know”
“How to love your Mum”
“When I was young”
“But now I know”
“It is not that difficult”
“All I have to do is to”
“Make a commitment”
“Be monogamous”
“Be honest and”
“Be myself”
“Trust and respect will follow.”

“That doesn’t sound very romantic.”
“No, it is not, but then”
“Love is not romance”
“I looked for the wrong thing”
“When I was young.” 

Seeing her smile with
Bright eyes and a
Nose like mine,
Is enough to bring
Tears to my eyes.



3 Responses to “A “Poem” for me and my Daughter”

  1. gregwinder Says:

    Thats beautiful Howard ..I know you I know Anna I hear you ..I hear the truth Thank you …You have given me so much…Anna is beautiful hope we can see you over here some time or us over their…the us being Meilien and I ..Iv never been so happy …..

  2. Sanjay Dua Says:

    Lovely words, Howard. I too have a daughter, and can easily relate to your tender words. Your (words) give ample meaning to the beautiful (image) you have created. Interesting to note how you are measuring a lifespan in JiaZi cycles. I am sure you have another full cycle to go – what will all that Qi Gong and adoring students the world over.


  3. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Greg and Sanjay,

    Us ugly old men are so proud of the beautiful children have, we could not have been more fortunate, and the women we have met…

    Thanks for dropping by, my friends.


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