Taijiquan Workshop in Munich

May 25, 2009

Some photos of the push hands we did in Munich last weekend (24-25 May).  We took photos using a high speed camera showing students pushing me and then I push them and compare the two sets together to see how important it is to maintain one’s structural integrity as we push:



































One Response to “Taijiquan Workshop in Munich”

  1. Rauscher Alfred Says:

    Dear Howard,
    I want to thank you for your great way of teaching us in Munich.
    I feel healing energy und a for me new possibilities to relax my body
    not only in my tai chi exercises, in my everyday live too. I have more joy
    in my Live.
    Everday I stand now 20 minutes, do the Tiger and other moving exercises,
    and then a part of the long form.
    I think you must be very dissapointed, because we were only a few people,
    but in your teaching was nothing from your dissapointment. My respect for that.
    I will help the tai chi club and do some publicty, if there is a possibility for
    a next workshop in munich.
    Excuse my English, please.

    all the best and much success for you


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