Mirror Reversed Later Heaven Bagua

March 11, 2009

One of the more strange things that we saw in the 2009 Feng Shui Study Tour of Southeast China was the reversed Houtian Bagua 後天 八卦 (Later Heaven Trigrams) picture painted on the ceiling of the Dabaoji Hall in Baisha, where the famous Baisha Murals in Lijiang (Yunan) were painted.

Baisha murals 白沙壁畫 are mostly from the Ming Dynasty (1366-1644), so this mirror reversed Bagua would have painted about the same time as well. Instead of having the usual Tijitu in the middle, it has a Tibetan prayer written there instead. The mix of Buddhism, Daoism and Lamaism may have changed the order of the Later Heaven Bagua, but as to why, we have no clue.

The picture is not very clear as it was forbidden to take photos inside, please let us know if you have a plausible explanation for this unusually laid out alternative Bagua.

On the other hand, maybe the explanation is a very simple one, instead of looking up at the ceiling, one can see the Later Heaven Bagua in its right order by looking down at a mirror!



3 Responses to “Mirror Reversed Later Heaven Bagua”

  1. Päivi Says:

    Hi Howard,

    The simplest explanation seems most plausible: the trigrams are all towards their real directions, but because you look up from below, they seem to be reversed. The same is done in pictures of the four animals when the point of view changes.

    Best regards


  2. Gonca Says:

    Hey Howard,

    I came across a version that has 8 yin trigrams. Do you know what it symbolizes? Or is there a specific name for that arrangement?



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