A Word of Thanks

March 10, 2009

Gyda and I have just returned from travelling and teaching with 15 participants in our Feng Shui study tour of southeast China. The role of being a teacher/mentor, friend/travelling companion and husband/wife (there were three couples on tour) all merged together in a full on 24 hourly cycles.

In the end, everyone learned by implication that when we are teaching, “Do as we say and not as we do”. When we are not teaching, “Do as we do and not as we say” and when we are husband and wife, “Neither do as we say nor do as we do”!

It was a wonderful group because we understood, we respected and we tolerated each other. To learn is to know, to know is to tolerate and they are all part of being – the art of living.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful experience.



One Response to “A Word of Thanks”

  1. Lidia Says:

    Dear Gyda and Howard!

    We all – participants of Feng Shui Study Tour 2009 from Polish group – would like to cordially thank you for great time we had with you in China and Hong Kong, for great teaching, for all unique feng shui knowledge and qing we received from you, for all incredible experiences exploring theese disappearing places, for finding such a good examples of FS working in its sources, for all additional entertainments (including biking fitness), for huge effort you put to prepare and organize those studies for us! Thank you! As always studying with you was unforgettable experience! Warm Regards!

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