Direction and Location (Fang Wei) in Bazhai Mingjing

March 9, 2009















I have heard from at least one well-known teacher referred to the Zhai Gua (the Trigram of a house) as dealing with the location in a house and the Ming Gua (the trigram of a person’s life) as dealing with the direction in a house. This is not quite correct when we read the classic “Baizhai Mingjing carefully.

For this reason, I have translated the following two sections in the book and made some commentaries to show that both the Zhai Gua and the Ming Gua deal with location and direction at the same time:

Section 31 – Room Allocation

“Room allocation concerns with finding a suitable room position for the grandparents, grand children, fathers and sons, uncles and brothers, whether they sometimes cook and eat together or not, (unless) they have a suitable room within the four cardinal and the four diagonal directions, otherwise it would be harmful, whether the house is a single building or has one or two, large or small, light wells, if (the allocation) matches the Ming (Gua) of a person, then it is auspicious. Therefore a younger brother with an East Ming should live in the east, and an older brother with a West Ming should live in the west, without exception they will be prosperous and live a long life, otherwise poverty and early death will be unavoidable, the same applied whether (the room) is on the ground or upper level.” 

In this section, one is advised to choose a room located in one of the eight directions according to a person’s Ming Gua and is not according to the favourable Zhai Gua direction of a house.

Section 32 – The Bed Position

“Of all the different concerns of a house, moving the bed is the easiest and there are four ways to establish (it’s position): (1) the most (desirable) is to match auspiciousness of the Ming, (2) also to match the auspiciousness of the room allocation, (3) also to match the auspiciousness of the Sitting Mountain, (4) also to match the auspiciousness of a room to the door as mentioned in (the book) “Zhao Shui Jing”. Obvious it is different to have all four, then matching according to the person’s auspiciousness will suffice, no matter which order comes first.  If one wants to be meticulous in arrangement, then move the bed according to the person, and have the others to assist, (then) it is as easy as turning one’s palm to have children and wealth.

If the Sitting Mountain of the main house does not match a person’s life, then one can match the Ming of a person in the adjacent room or an addition to the main house and arrange the bed accordingly. But if the main house and the rooms; match both the parent and the children, with the room and the bed arranged accordingly, then there is prosperity without any disaster for everyone.”

In this section, one is advised to arrange the bed in four ways: 1) the bed should match the four auspicious directions of a person. 2) The bed should be in a room that matches the Ming Gua of a person.  3) The bed should match the four auspicious directions of a house. 4) In the room, the door should match the bed according to the four auspicious stars for the person.

The ideal condition would be to have an East Four person living in an East Four house, with the bedroom located in the East Four direction and have the bed located in the room according to the East Four also have an East direction, plus the door to the room and the bed position Four relation; the same applies for a West Four person. 


One Response to “Direction and Location (Fang Wei) in Bazhai Mingjing”

  1. 89898 Says:

    Thank you very much Mister Choy for claryfying this. Personaly, I read in several books and heared some people promoting the use of Zhai Gua for determining positive locations and Ming Gua for personal directions. Your translation is exceptional and easy to understand, even for a non english native speaker.

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