Feng Shui Professional Practitioners Course

February 8, 2009

History and Philosophy of Feng Shui (for a sound foundation to build your Feng Shui career).

25 – 29 March 2009, Berlin Germany

Bilingual 5-days workshop in English with German translations (class size limited to 8 students)

Teachers: Cai Hong (Howard Choy) and Gyda Anders, Feng Shui Architects

Some of the course content includes:

       The history of Feng Shui

       A survey of Feng Shui classics

       The influence of religion and philosophy on Feng Shui

       Different meanings of Qi in Feng Shui

       Different ways of thinking in East and West.

       The Feng Shui paradigm

       The San Cai Methodology

       The theory and practice of Qi Energetics like Yin Yang, Wuxing, Early and Later Heaven Bagua, Luoshu, Hetu, Stems and Branches, Purple White Nine Stars, etc.

       Ming Shu, Yun Shu and Zhai Shu (Numbers for fate, cycles and houses)

       Different ways of calibrate time

       Different ways of calibrate space

       Different schools of Feng Shui, what they are and how they differ to each other

       Learn to recognize and write 30 essential Chinese characters

       Core competency to be a Feng Shui consultant and how to obtain them.

For further inquiries, please contact either Cai (English) or Anders (German)

fengshuiarchitect@hotmail.com, anders@arqitektur.de

Blog and website: https://howardchoy.wordpress.com, www.arqitektur.com

Do you want to become a Feng Shui professional or just want to improve the skill you already have? Come and join us in a stimulating face to face learning experience where the theory and practice of Feng Shui come together, taught by two Feng Shui architects with more than 40 years of experience between them, one from the old China and the other from the new Germany. You will not be disappointed, where the East meets the West next to the old Berlin Wall! 





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