Oh What a Lovely Sunset!

October 27, 2008

I am having a day off teaching Garden Feng Shui here in Santiago Chile, while there is a city council election going on. All the restaurants are closed this Sunday so I am eating my custard apples (best Chilean fruit, so I was told) for my dinner on the terrace of my apartment hotel and this is what I saw when I looked up, even nature can be beautiful in a concrete jungle like this as the sun is going down, and these words came to me… 

The sun

Is going down,

But I don’t feel sad,

Cos my love just Skyped me and

She said she missed me,

So why would I miss

The Sun?


2 Responses to “Oh What a Lovely Sunset!”

  1. raystevens Says:


    I am very pleased to see your blog – very impressive it is. I came upon it by chance really, I was trying on this dull Sydney Sunday to find your old Tai Chi web site and was having no luck so I thought I would just google you instead and here you are at least in cyber form!. Seems the Sydney Tai Chi and Qigong Centre site is off air and is diverted to …. I don’t know what. I hope this goes through to you…… I’m still struggling with this sort communication technology that others take for granted like the way I lick a stamp. But if you learned to set it up – I can try to use it at least – as another “old dog”!

    It was great seeing you briefly in Balmain a short while ago, what a surprise and less then 50m from the old PCYC. It would be great to catch up with you if you are back at some time in the future. Its been a while now and I was never really sure how long you would be gone for. Consequently I never grasped the opportunity to thank you for sharing and teaching your tai chi to me for all those years in Balmain. It was a very good time.

    I think I told you at the time that I had learnt yang style tai chi in London in 1976 with Master Chu King-Hung for a short time of only 12 months. It was by accident (?) that I started in his school. I was working in Wembley at the time and discovered, via the Time Out, there was a tai chi school not more then two blocks from the place I worked. So that was how I happened upon Master Chu’s school. I know nothing then of tai chi, the man or what it was about. But after 12 months I began to see the view from the window that was opened.

    After returning to Sydney and finishing architecture at UNSW I continued to practice but not with any real further instruction. I can’t remember exactly but it must have been around mid-1990s that I thought the time had come to find another yang style teacher and unlearn many of those bad habits I had taught myself without guidance. I had know of you from living in Balmain and that you practiced tai chi and feng shui and I even recalled you from university days, but did not know you had an actual tai chi school. In searching for a school I could not go anywhere else and of course as it turned out, it was no more then two blocks away as well.

    I sometimes think about these circumstances and one hears stories about students searching high and low for a teacher even traveling overseas. I have been very fortunate I think, but when looking for a suitable teacher one could start next door and work out from there I would suggest to anyone that asks.

    Anyway I valued your tai chi teaching in that school enormously and still do. Your departure meant we had to stand on our own feet (well grounded and relaxed off course) and continue on our own. I continued to train with Tause and a couple of the others for a few years but eventually for one reason and another we lost touch. I thought you would be back in Sydney one day and I was going to ask you if you could recommend another school and teacher.

    I missed the framework and family like atmosphere of your tai chi school to progress and managed to find another authentic yang style school in Newton (this time 2 suburbs way – not blocks) a few years ago. It is a school affiliated with Master Huang Sheng Shyan.

    After practicing and learning for a few years now I am surprised that more people do not appreciate the importance of the “school” in tai chi. It has at its centre of course, the teacher, but the teacher-student relationship has to have a support and that is what the school provides. Without the teacher there is no school – only a club at best. I remember the Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings , the chat, the laughs, tea and impromptu dinners with fond memories as much as your instruction to relax, shift weight and align with gravity.

    Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, energy, sense of humour and last but not least your tai chi with me.


  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I missed Sydney and the “good old days” as well. One day, I’ll be back!


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