Taijiquan Class in Krakow

October 20, 2008

Every time I go to teach Feng Shui in Krakow Poland I also take the opportunity to teach a small group of my Taiji students. We don’t meet all that often so it is not easy to find a place to practise, but last week we have been lucky and went to a very nice Wing Chun School run by Sifu Andrezj Szuszkiewicz (www.wingchunkungfu.pl). We thank him for his generosity and he also took the pictures of our training below.

The first picture shows us beginning to train in push hands and the usual way is to start with static push to the body, to train the students how to use the body as a conduit to transfer the opponent’s force to the ground by being “fang song” (letting go of the tension in the body). The second picture shows me getting on my knees to show the finer points of posture integrity while the others looked on. The third picture shows a group shot of my dedicated students who gave up their Saturday night to train with me. The last picture show me with Sifu Andrzej in front of a painting of Grandmaster Yip Man. 

































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