Post Card from Paris

October 6, 2008

I just finished teaching a weekend workshop in Nantes, France, on the Yang Family Sword Form and the Five Animals Qigong Form. Some of the students have been with me since 2001 and it is satisfying from a teacher’s point of view, that some of them have improved noticeably in the last couple of years.

I was talking to one of the workshop participants in the train from Nantes to Paris and it was good to hear that he praised one particular senior students being so solidly rooted and powerfully connected, that no matter how he tried, he was sent flying in push hands! Now he is hooked with what we are doing.

My daughter Anna is turning 30 (we are celebrating the occasion in Paris) and that is how long I have been learning Feng Shui, but I studied Taijiquan, Choy Lee Fut and Qigiong long before Feng Shui; so what do I have to show for nearly 45 years of learning? Nothing much, except vitality and happiness and the fact that I still get a kick out of doing them every morning and that is what matters most to me.

Look at all my students in the photos below, they are all smiling and having fun and they do stick around, we are more like a family then a school and I learned just as much from my students as I have taught them, so what more would a teacher wish for?

I think Heaven and Thierry, my friend and organizer, for this privilege.










3 Responses to “Post Card from Paris”

  1. sebastian.zarzycki Says:

    It’s also a privilege to be your student, even if we meet so rarely. You’re living example of all the goodness taiji can bring to a practicing student – I wish I could be so vibrant and happy at your age!

    All the best for Anna!

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Thanks Sebastian,

    I am having fun with this blog because of you, so you are giving as much as receiving, therefore it is a privilege for me to know you as well.


  3. greg Says:

    Nice one Howard! ..You always attract good people around you.
    I too have still have vitality and happiness thanks largely to your generosity .. Hope we see you and Gayda in the far east at some time . cheers G

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