Liu Fa

September 29, 2008

A new book written in Chinese by Lin Zhi-Rong 林志榮, a Taiwanese Feng Shui master has just came on the market, showing how Master Tan Yuan-Wu’s 談養吾 Xuan Kong Liu Fa 玄空六法 works in theory and in practice.

At the end of the book, he gave three work samples and I found one of them particularly interesting from a FS architect point of view, because he first amended the original design in a sensible way and then use the Liqi theories to support his redesign.

Below showed the work sample in question and if we look at them carefully we can see the core idea of Liu Fa is to “fen ci xiong” 分雌雄 and “na sheng qi” 納生氣 of the period by paying special attentions to the location of the Ling Shen and Zheng Shen for timeliness by lining up the furniture, windows and doors. The concept of “one item, one Taiji” is also evident at work and once the principles, and there are six of them are known, the applications are relatively easy to carry out.











Illustration 7.4 showed the original layout of an old public housing type, which has poor planning and inefficient use of space and circulation.











Illustration 7.5 showed the revised layout after Form analysis. The front door has been relocated to the right side and the bedrooms are grouped in the middle part of the house with a central corridor. All the windows and doorways are located in such a combination that they are in the Ling Shen position in relationship to the furniture, so as to na qi  (take in or receive the sheng qi).











Illustration 7.6 showed if the centre of the house is used to Li-ji, then the relocated front door is to the NW1 (Xu) and the facing windows are also to the west, which are all Ling Shen directions for Period 8, hence they are auspicious, because Ling Shen should have movement and Zheng Shen should have stillness.











Illustration 7.7 and 7.8 showed if the user is used to Li-ji, then when the user is sitting on the sofa of the Living Room, he can “na” the auspicious sheng qi of the front door in the southwest (it should be northwest, the Qian direction as pointed out by Kit Hau), and when the occupant is lying in his or her bed, located in such a way that the doors are all in the Ling Shen directions to na sheng qi again.


6 Responses to “Liu Fa”

  1. Kit Hau Says:

    Dear Howard,

    I am a Feng Shui student and have been reading your various articles in your previous website with much interest. I just saw your latest article on Liu Fa and noted a few anomalies (I humbly think):-

    1. You said that the NW & N are Ling Shen in P8, it should be Zheng Shen (Ill. 7.6)
    2. W.r.t. the living room sofa, the front door is in the NW (Qian), not SW (Ill. 7.7)

    Your comments would be appreciated.


  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Kit,

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    According to author Lin, in Period 8, Xu used the Water Kun Gua of the Fu-Mu Gua in Period 2 to obtain Wang Shui or the Prosperous Water, so Xu is Ling Shen and not Zheng Shen. The same applies to You (W2), so it is good to have a window there.

    You are right about Qian, it should be northwest and not southwest – my typo mistake.

    Howard Choy

  3. Kit Hau Says:

    Hello Howard,

    Thanks for the clarifications.

    However, my current knowledge is rather limited and I have difficulty to understand your statement: “in Period 8, Xu used the Water Kun Gua of the Fu-Mu Gua in Period 2 to obtain Wang Shui or the Prosperous Water”.

    Do you mind explain a little, plse?


  4. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Kit,

    I have to post the Lower Era Period 8 chart on how to obtain the timely mountain and water for an explanation. But unfortunately I will be leaving for Santiago Chile in a couple of hours and I still have not packed, so you have to wait for a couple of weeks, after I return to Berlin, before I can give you an answer.


  5. Cahaya Harapan Says:

    Hi Howard,

    Very interesting to know Liufa. There is a Liufa master from Penang that said Xuan Kong Fei Xing sometimes work sometimes not.

    So Liufa is the truely fengshui.

    What do you think about this ?

    Do you any english book for Liufa ?

  6. xklf Says:

    Hi Howard,

    I am not sure if the master apply liu fa correctly as he only consider the floor plan without looking at the landform, this is major mistake because he already leave out the first two principles. Secondly, every room door is either at Qian, Hai, how can these be auspicious ? The person sitting on the couch will receives Qian qi which I am not sure if it is auspicious but I am sure that person will also collect un-auspicious qi from internal qi.

    Some ideas to think about


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