Feng Shui and Senior Living

September 16, 2008

Earlier this year we ran a workshop on Feng Shui for senior living in Solothurn, Switzerland and had the good fortune of working on a real coomunity project as a teaching sample. We went to the town of Balsthal nearby and helped the local community in finding out the best way to develop a particular potential site for senior living.

In Feng Shui we tried not only be environmentally responsive, but also emotionally and spiritually responsive as well, below is a black and white study of what the previous architect has proposed compared to what we came up with after our San Cai FS analysis.

The community rejected the first scheme because the project set up a barrier between the senior residents and the rest of the community, whereas we tried to break down this barrier down and at the same responded to the land qi and the qi of the community:

















Two weeks ago we went back and made a presentation for the community there and it is good to know that the support for a Feng Shui approach is favorable, below is a newspaper clipping about the event and Ute Born also made a reference in her website, she is one of the participants in the project (thanks Ute):



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