Musing with Wuxing (Five Elements)

September 15, 2008









I saw this quaky little piece of silver jewelry/sculpture by Simone Ten Hompel in the window of a small gallery near the Baseltor Hotel where we were staying in Solothurn Switzerland and wondered why do I like this? It is kind of awkward but nice. I thought may be there is a Wuxing or Five Element explanation to it…

Well, the body is like an ingot of silver, it is part Earth and part Wood, then the attached trumpet (?) is Metal (being round in shape) like the material, but has a tiny bit of Fire and tension to the host. If Earth generates Metal, and Wood generates Fire and they have a clear Guest and Host relationship, then the nourishing relationship has just enough conflicts there as a counter point running parallel to the main theme to make it interesting. Earth with a bit of Wood generates Metal with a bit of Fire, creating a harmonious relationship with a tiny bit of discourtesy. How devilishly clever!

Simone Ten Hompel


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