Feng Shui and Sound Architectural Design

September 2, 2008

I just came across this web article on one of the jobs we did with Phil Moore in Sydney’s Chinatown and the writer, Andrew Nimmo, asked this interesting question, “While this cultural sensitivity should be applauded, one wonders what would have happened had the recommendations of the Feng Shui consultant clashed with the objectives of sound architectural design. How does an architect, especially one with a European background, judge the merits of Feng Shui?”


The answer is very simple and straightforward: sound architectural design and good Feng Shui amount to the same thing, so there would not be any clash in the first place. The cultural sensitivity of the Chinese is based on human needs and since these needs are universal, there is a universal base for the practice of Feng Shui, not unlike good design.

Therefore, the best way to judge Feng Shui is whether it is useful or not, in creating a better environment for human beings on earth, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If a Feng Shui consultant can help an architect to achieve this, then he has done his job well.









3 Responses to “Feng Shui and Sound Architectural Design”

  1. greg Says:

    Nice building! I think I remember it.Was empty upstairs for years .. Looks like.. I know its not.. the Haymarket buildings we use to live in there.
    Very nice Ytube of you talking about Feng Shui.
    Thanks Howard .

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Greg,

    It is now a very nice art gallery showing the work of asian artists in Australia. Check it out next time you are in town.


  3. Hi Howard,
    I cannot agree with you more – good Feng Shui and good Design are seamless. Good Feng Shui- tread lightly on the land – good design – tread lightly on the land, etc etc. I also agree with what you said in the most recent post about Flying Star fantasy – just fly the stars and all is taken care of.

    vicki of hobart

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