Bazhai or Eight Houses Setout

August 31, 2008

There are different theories as to why the East Four Houses are located at Zhen (east), Li (south), Xun (SE) and Kan (north), while the West Four Houses are located at Qian (NW), Dui (west), Kun (SW) and Gen (NE). Here is one theory based on using the Early Heaven Bagua with the Later Heaven Luoshu Numbers by applying the Yijing principle, “Early Heaven is the Ti (Principle) and Later Heaven is the Yong (Function)”.

If we look at th diagram below, we can see the Hetu pairing of 4,9 Metal generates 1,6 Water and 3,8 Wood generates 2,7 Fire, thus giving the two groups of Zhen, Li, Xun and Kan, with Qian, Dui, Kun and Gen, making them the East Four and West Four grouping respectively, and forming the two arms of a cross.

The justification for this explanation is the Yang facings need Yin water and the Yin facings need Yang water to make the intercourse of Yin and Yang complete. The Yang in this case refers to the odd numbers with their related Gua, namely 9 (Qian), 1 (Kun), 7 (Kan) and 3 (Li), while the Yin refers to the even numbers with their related Gua, namely 6 (Gen), 4 (Dui), 8 (Zhen) and 2 (Xun). As shown in the diagram, each Yang number faces a Yin number and vice versa, so for this reason, it is not desirable to mix neither the “East” with the “West” nor the “West” with the “East”.



7 Responses to “Bazhai or Eight Houses Setout”

  1. Cyril Quah Says:

    Hi Howard,

    You have an interesting article here on Bazhai. I also wrote something similar on my site while making a reference to what you wrote. Hope to hear your comments on it.


  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Cyril,

    You have an interesting alternative theory there, but it does not explain why East Four should not mix with West Four. The one I wrote about brought not only Xiantian and Huotian, Hetu and Luoshu, but also the Zheng Zhen and Ling Zhen into the argument to support its case.

    While we are on the subject of theories, what do yo think of Peter Leung’s toilet sha?

    Howard Choy

  3. Cyril Quah Says:

    Hi Howard,

    My explanation just shows the logical division of the 2 groups of houses and why they are grouped as such. Since there are 2 groups, these 2 groups logically should not mix. But then, there will be questions raised as to why the grouping should not be Metal-Water versus Wood-Fire-Earth or Water-Wood versus Fire-Earth-Metal or any other combinations. The reason I guess is to achieve a balanced number of houses in each group. The grouping of Earth-Metal versus Water-Wood-Fire just fit this criterion of 4 Houses versus 4 Houses.

    Although I did not specifically explain why East Four should not mix with West Four, I find your explanation complement my view very well to give a more complete picture.

    Regarding Peter Leung’s toilet sha, I did not have many case studies on this except for 2 cases which I personally witnessed them to be quite true. As to why the toilet sha is “real”, I have yet to find a scientific reason to explain it. Sometimes it is these sorts of Xuan (玄) stuff that make Chinese Metaphysics so interesting.

    Keep up your good work in this blog!


  4. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Cyril,

    Would you care to share with us these two cases that you have witness about the toilet sha?


  5. Cyril Quah Says:

    Hi Howard,

    In one case, a woman cannot conceive for many years because the sha was hitting across her tummy area. I told her to move her bed and put “something” underneath her pillow to see if there will be any improvement after 6 months.

    In another case, the woman suffered rheumatism at her feet area because the sha hit her across her feet at 90 degrees. The cure here is quite standard as taught by Peter.

    Do you believe in Peter’s toilet sha?


  6. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Cyril,

    Some people maintained “seeing is believing” but others also in “believing is seeing”.

    Do you think one has to believe in an idea before it works or the other way around?

    Maybe the fifth option is that they don’t have anything to do with each other in your case.

    Who knows, but I often contemplate the two Chinese characters, “xiang” (to see) and “xiang” (to think), only differ by a “heart” radical.

    To think is to see with one’s heart/mind. Interesting, isn’t it?


  7. Silverstone Says:

    Interesting article. Another way of interpreting the East/West partitioning is to look through the trigram transformations. When all the transformations take place, you see the partitioning clearly : East group members all share a positive influence in the East and the West group members all share a positive influence inthe West. Hence the names..

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