A Magic Moment in Sydney

August 19, 2008

………I will always call Sydney my home.









We are here for one week to carry out a major Feng Shui commission. Sydney is a magnificent city, especially when one can capture her magic moments. Here is one looking into the city from the Pyrmont Bay Wharf just as the sun is setting, making the city sparkled in the late winter afternoon.


4 Responses to “A Magic Moment in Sydney”

  1. Krzysztof Says:

    Amazing colours, you really caught feeling in this shot… Memories, nostalgy, eh? Best Regards and nice stay in Sydney! K&L

  2. gregwinder Says:

    Nice shot Howard ..many good memories of Sydney town ..hope your project is going well ..drop by Tokyo on your way ..G

  3. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Krzysztof,

    You have been down here so you know how nice Sydney can be, but right now it is pouring rain, that means we may be able to get our report done on time instead of looking at the sights. See you soon in Krakow.

    Regards to Lidia and the family.


  4. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Yeah, we all have good memories of this town. The ferry that takes me to town goes by the Murdock Magazine wharf we did the Feng Shui years ago and it still looks good even in the rain. The owner also did well, so I feel good each time going pass by this finger wharf going out into the Sydney Harbour.

    Tonight we will go and see the Bangarra Dancers in the Sydney Opera House and tomorrow we will walk the Blue Mountains National Park if the weather holds out before flying back to Berlin.

    We are having a great time here. Hope to see you again in Japan soon.


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