Da Lohan Qigong

August 18, 2008

Greg Winder, one of my old friends, who is also a Lohan Qigong practitioner and a great artist, has done a series of beautiful drawing on the Da Lohan Qigong form. You can find out more about Greg’s work in his blog: http://greg.exblog.jp/by Master Chen Yong-Fa, after the Lohan 18 Hands and the Siu Lohan form and before Tai Git Kuen (Taijiquan) and Mo Git Kuen (Wujiquan). 

It uses the mind intent and visualization as main means of circulating the vital qi in the body, hence there is little movement comparatively speaking and the form is done sitting in a meditational posture but strictly speaking it is not meditation in the true sense. It is a Qigong exercise because the aim is to move the Qiby making Yin Yang with movement, breathing and conscious striving, rather than just watching your breath and emptying the mind. 



4 Responses to “Da Lohan Qigong”

  1. greg Says:

    Thank you Howard ..
    These drawing are just sign post ..of course for someone wanting to learn this great form ..
    The original drawings are nicer being softer done on textured hand made paper from around these parts ..Iv Zapped them to be used on pamphlets and the like …Next Id like to do the 18 Lohan figures .. might take his shirt of for this one .. what do you think ? and Id love to make a book with you … thanks again, Greg

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Greg,

    We are working in Sydney at the moment and I have to rush out this morning so the intro to Da Lohan and your blog detail are missing. I have edited the post and added more info. Love to work with you in the future as well. We’ll see.

    Take care.

  3. greg Says:

    Hi Howard,
    Today! ..now !.. I will finish the last 2 pages of Drawings for the Da Lohan and will send all of them to you together with my basic notes ..
    Here are my blogs…http://greg.exblog.jp/
    good luck in Sydney ..hows it going? …Greg

  4. greg Says:

    Iv sent the complete Dai Lohan form to you or you can see it on my blog http://gregwinder.wordpress.com/… under (Recent entries) Qigong. thank you Greg

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