Yinzhai and Tombstones.

August 11, 2008









This photo from Flickr looking across the Lapinlahti Bay at the Hietaniemi Cemetery near downtown Helsinki remained me last Saturday we spent the whole day in the Luopan workshop looking at calculations that would give us the best locations and orientations to bury the dead, so the living can remember them, then the next morning, Kristiiina came in with some lovely photos taken in the cemetery and made me realized that a better way may be is to have our graves immortalized, would be to have a piece of work of art as the lasting memorial. It is to “cheng” or “ride” the Shen Qi of the Human instead of the Earth. 

The harbour side cemetery is more like a park than a cemetery, taking a walk against a setting sun in a summer’s day, one would think some of the tombstones are like sculptures on display, it is a peaceful place where the dead and the living can enjoy the beauty of nature, below are some of the photos taken by Kristiina and they included Yinzhai for Aalto the architect (with his two wives), Gallen-Kallela the artist and Mannerheim the politician. These words just came to my head:

When I am dead

I am not gone,

Like the seasons

I have moved on



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