July 30, 2008

I asked my friends Minnie and Stephen what made their marriage lasted for more than 40 years. 

Minnie said seriously, “When things got tough, I remain myself that I have made a commitment and I try to stick to it.”

Stephen said with a wink, “I think twice before I open my mouth.”

Ahh.. the power of the pause and the wisdom of saying less!

The idealistic and the pragmatic way of approaching marriage and relationship.

It is easier said than done.


4 Responses to “Relationship”

  1. khfong Says:

    Hi Master Howard,

    Congrats on the launch of your new blog.

    Can you explain the main differences between Tai Qi & Qi Qong? Thanks.

    Henry Fong

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Henry,

    Thanks for dropping by, what you’ve asked is an interesting and frequently asked question, I will try to answer you in a new post under the “taiji/qigong” category.

    Do drop by again.

    Howard Choy.

  3. Meili Says:

    I also asked the same question on marriage before.

    I think, it’s also the arguments and the make up sessions afterwards that makes a marrige lasts. Common interests certainly help, too.

    The pauses became too long and there were less and less conversations between us. Finally, there was no marriage.


  4. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Meili,

    I do aree, the pauses must not last too long, otherwise there will be a communociation break down. My old Sifu Li Iu-Ling, who passed away only recently, use to tell us to deliberately pick a small fight and lose, apologise and then make up, at regular interval to keep the sparks going. He was fun to be with, we all missed him.


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